Ffynon Lloer – a short walk in Snowdonia

Ffynon Lloer – a short walk in Snowdonia

Ffynon Lloer Lake – a perfect short and easy walk in the Ogwen Valley

Walking up to Ffynon Lloer is great short walk up to a beautiful small lake. It’s a perfect walk if you have just a couple of hours to spare but want to take in the spectacular views of the Ogwen Valley. This walk is also perfect for dogs and younger kids as there are fun streams to jump over all the way up to keep their interest. An ideal picnic spot on a sunny day.

This lake is nestled below the steep sides of the Carneddau, pen yr Ole Wen and Glyder Fach in Cwm Lloer. Many walkers will pass it enroute up to the tops of these peaks as there are a few paths you can take once you reach the lake to head further up. I love long walks but it’s also nice to find beautiful short walks in Snowdonia that can be done on the spur of the moment on a sunny afternoon.

Where to Park to walk up to Ffynon Lloer Lake

This map shows both the route and where to park to walk up to Ffynon Lloer Lake

Unless it’s the height of summer parking should be easy. Park in on one of the parking bays on the A5 and make sure you park legally as it’s quite common for cars to get towed! We found a spot almost immediately in front of the start of the walk.

This walk is opposite Tryfan which is a very popular mountain so be prepared you might have a bit of road walking to do to get to the start if it’s busy.

The Route up to Cwm Lloer and Ffynon Lloer

It’s a really obvious walk up to the lake. Once you have parked, locate the start of the walk using the map above. The footpath is clearly signposted, you cross a small bridge then make your way up a fairly clear path with a few styles en route. It’s rough terrain in places but not too steep and there is no scrambling involved. Just a leisurely walk surrounded by the magnificent views of the Ogwen Valley.

If you did get confused, just take a look on the map at the stream and work out which side of it you should be. If you haven’t got a map, just follow the stream and you can’t go too wrong. The only slight drops are at the very top of the stream by which point you’ll be able to see a clear path.

There were a few boggy bits at the top as you would expect with a lake in a cwm but nothing that can’t be avoided by a little detour.

Ffynnon lloer and ideal short walk in snowdonia
On a clear day this is one of the most spectacular view points you can get without heading up to the higher mountains

How long does it take to walk up to Ffynon Lloer?

It will take you about an 45 minutes to get up to the top. The whole walk will take you no more than a few hours maximum totally dependent on your speed, it’s around 2.3 miles and you climb just under 1200ft.

Can you walk all the way around Ffynon Lloer?

Yes, there’s no official path but it’s easy to pick your way around.

It’s an idea afternoon walk, and would be the perfect spot for a picnic and a swim or a wild camp (not legal but tolerated if you follow all the guidelines and leave no trace). Waking up to that view of Tryfan and nestled in Cwm Lloer with the steep banks of Pen yr Ole Wen and Carnedd Fach would be a wonderful experience and one I’m hoping to try one sunny evening (I’m not into extreme weather camping!)

Ziggy my Coltriever enjoying the scenery at the top in Cwm Lloer – it was a little cloudy but still stunning!
The iconic Tryfan and the Glyderau hiding behind the clouds in the background

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