Moel Arthur Walk – A Quick Walk Ideal for Families and Dogs

Moel Arthur Walk – A Quick Walk Ideal for Families and Dogs

Moel Arthur is part of the Clwydian Range in Flintshire, North Wales. It’s a great short circular walk that can be extended in many directions depending on how much time you have. Moel Arthur is not just a hill it’s an Iron Age Hillfort, with ramparts that would have been built over 2500 years ago.

Ideal short walk in North West Wales

If you are staying in North West Wales this is an ideal walk for families, or like me if you live her it’s just another walk to add to your dog walk portfolio – I get bored going to the same place every day, so it’s worth a drive to get these spectacular views.

Lots of heather and I didn’t see another soul on this walk

It’s a perfect short walk for dog owners as there are no sheep on the actual hill fort, just in the lower fields around, so great for letting the dogs off the lead so they can run around in the heather.

Families will love the Moel Arthur walk too, it’s short enough for little legs and the initial ascent, although very steep is short. Plenty of time for a few beathers worked in and little legs or older legs should be able to cope fine. Find out more about the history of the Moel Arthur hill fort.

Where to Park to walk up Moel Arthur

Moel Arthur Parking and Quick Route & Car Parks

Moel Arthur Hill Fort
Nannerch, Denbigh LL16 4LP

There is a small car park right at the bottom of Moel Arthur on the B5429 accessible from both directions. You could also park on the other side of the hill if you want to create a slightly longer walk to the top.

How long does it take to walk up Moel Arthur

From Car Park taking the direct route to the top is only around 15 minutes. It’s a fairly steep walk.

You can extend this walk in multiple ways but for a quick yomp up and around leave yourself around 45 minutes. The paths are very obvious.

You can see Moel Famau clearly in the distance, with another clear walk you could start from the same car park.

What’s at the top of Moel Arthur?

The top has some loose rocks – there isn’t a Trig Point on Moel Arthur (sorry to disappoint you Ziggy!)
A quick spin to show what the top of Moel Arthur is like – it really depends on the clouds! If it’s a clear days the views will go on for miles and you can sit at the top trying to decide what you’re looking at! Was a bit windy for that here though!
The views over the Clwydian Valley are breathtaking, on a clear day you will see Snowdonia looming in the distance too
At this style you can head back around the hill, or decide to extend the walk – dogs need to go back on the lead here as there are lots of sheep fields
You can see the Moel y Parc mast in the distance, another great walk!

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